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Adventure Trips

Adventure trips in India bring the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement in life. There are varied adventure spots available in across the India. Some of the best known adventurous tours in India are Mountain trekking, wildlife tour in India, Safari tour in India, Campaigning in India, Water rafting in India and many more. All these adventure tours in India let you to experience the incredible fun and joy for global tourists. Besides it, tourist can plan for best suited green valleys, forests, lakes and other lush areas of India for availing the fun of adventurous activities.  

Some of the best offered adventure tours are listed as follows:

• Trekking & Camping in the Himalayas
• Camps Stay
• White Water River Rafting
• Wildlife Safari
• Road Trip to Ladhak
• Trek to Valley of flowers & Hemkund Sahib
Trekking & Camping in the Himalayas

Trekking & Camping are the best adventurous activities for the global tourists. This fun gets double when you go for the trekking of great Himalaya. It would be an incredible experience of trekking on the high hills of Himalaya. This mountain has its own significance and charm which fascinates to the global visitors a lot. Himalaya is surrounded with lush areas .

and several sky kissing mountains. Besides it,you can also do campingin

the lap of Himalayas. It would be another exciting experience for travelers to do camping in the green valleys, dense forests and cool areas of Himalaya. There are varied holey rivers originated from the lap of Himalayas such as Satluj, Ganga, Beas and Chenab. These rivers come out form the high hills of Himalayas at higher speed. Hence, the Trekking & Camping in the Himalayas brings lots of fun and joy for tourists

Camp Stay

Camp Stay is another vital idea to avail the fun of adventure tours in India. You can stay in camps during your travel in India’s renowned visiting spots. Tourists can organize the camps at varied tourist spots like hill stations, sea beaches, desert areas, forests and wildlife areas of India. All these spots are  best suited for camping locations in across the India.Most of the travelers do like to organize holiday camps in India at summer and winter both the

sessions. In summer camps, one can enjoy the activities like canoeing, hiking, trekking and campfires. Similarly, winter camps are also mind blowing for tourists. However, the camps stays are the so much delightful time for the world’s tourists.

White Water River Rafting

Water rafting brings lots of fun and joy for world’s tourist. This is an exciting activity which lets you to avail the fun of river rafting on the heavy flow river water. However, Tourists are keen to do white water rafting in India. Some the poplar water rafting spots in India are Rishikesh, Shivpuri, Garhwal, Ganga River, Bhagirathi River, Teesta River and so on. All these are popular water rafting spots in across the India. At such places, you can find varied rivers .

which are perfect to do water rafting. Tourists can organize water rafting


camps at the banks of renowned rivers in India. However, the white water river rafting is an incredible activity that lets you to avail the real fun in life


Wildlife Safari


Wildlife Safari tour in India is filled with incredible fun and excitement. Most of the wildlife enthusiasts are keen to discover the popular sanctuaries, National parks, gardens and forests in across the India. Some of the popular wildlife spots in India are Rajasthan wildlife sanctuary, Kaziranga National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Gir wildlife sanctuary and many more. At such places, you can explore the species of animals, birds and reptiles as  

well. Tourists are keen to cherish the bird’s sanctuaries, species of tiger,

species of snakes and other wildlife animals in dense forests of India. However, the wildlife spots in India are the real places to discover the hard to find species of animals and birds. In nut shell, wildlife safari tour in India is the best journey for all wildlife enthusiasts.

Road Trip to Ladakh


Road Trip to Ladakh brings a thrilling experience for global tourists. You can manage to trip to the popular tourists spots of Ladakh by road as well. For this purpose, you can hire any four wheeler or do the biking experience in state. Yes, it is another best idea to cherish beauty of Ladhak via bike. Most of the adventure lovers like to do biking for exploring the renowned hill stations, beautiful local villages, rural areas, cities and other popular sites of Ladakh.

Apart from that, you can also hire four wheelers to approach at the popular 


road attractions in Ladakh. Tourists can also mange the Road trip by walking as well. It depends on the person’s interest and convenience as well. Usually, roads of Ladakh are so long and clean which are suitable to do easy walking on the road sides as well. Hence, the Road Trip to Ladakh is an interesting experience for global tourists.  


Trek to Valley of Flowers & Hemhund Sahib


Trek to valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Tours bring lots of fun and joy for world’s tourists. You can do trekking in the valley of flowers that is located at the lush areas of Himalaya, Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state of India. Valley of flowers is rich with varied flora and fauna. For instance, the Nanda Devi National Park is the renowned valley of followers. This park is rich with species of animals and birds which are hard to find in across the world.  

Hence, the trekking to the valley of flowers brings lots of fun and excitement


for the tourists. Hemkund Sahib is another renowned trekking and pilgrimage destination for Hindu and Shikh people. This place is renowned for a tranquil lake named Hemkund. You can find a religious Gurudwara and Laxman temples near about this lake as well. Thus, the Hemkund Sahid trekking is another amazing experience for global tourists.