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Similar to meetings, conventions are gatherings of people with common objectives, organized to exchange ideas, views and information of common interest to the group. An organization, usually an association, will organize a convention each year with a theme related to the organization’s topic. Those interested in registering for the convention can pay the association a fee for all the sessions, discussions, food and beverage, dinners, and site visits. In particular, conventions consist of a variety of events including congresses (large-scale regular trade gatherings), conferences (small scale gatherings aimed at information sharing), confexes (conferences with small exhibition attached), and one to one events (premium networking). All conventions can be organized into different levels: international, national, regional.

The major differences between a meetings and conventions is that a convention:

  • Is a large event often lasting for several days and involving a social programme
  • Is organized by associations:
    • Professional and trade associations, e.g. the Dentist Association
    • Voluntary associations and societies
    • Charities
    • Political parties
  • Usually conducted once a year
  • Generates income for the association
  • Considerable amount of time spent on site selection of the convention

We organize conferences & Offsite activities for corporate employees in the best possible way. We arrange these conferences as per our client’s interest. Our conference halls are well versed with modern amenities such as projectors, video conference tools, web conference tools etc. Besides these, the conference halls include comfortable chairs and a long round conference table along with other necessities. All these attributes are necessary during the conferences.

The best offered Conference & Offsite services are listed as follows:

  • Day Conferences
  • Residential Conferences

Day Conferences

We can organize day conferences across India. Corporate conferences at the day time are always delightful for all employees. This session brings lots of fun and learning experiences for the employees. The participants would feel fresh and comfortable during these sessions at the day time. There might be some fun loving activities and informative events can also be organized in the day conferences.

Residential Conferences

Residential Conferences are also exciting and fun loving for corporate employees/ delegates. Under this provision, organizers need to arrange the accommodations of all the delegates and also accomplish other meeting requirements. Somewhere, it may include the transport facility for delegates as well. Organizers are also supposed arrange conference calls, external speakers, bind resource persons in a residence and lots more. All these activities need to be taken care of wisely during residential conferences.

Our Services

  • Creating RFP for various logistics requirements and negotiating with various vendors
  • Venue Identification and Negotiation
  • Designing requirements of Conference collaterals
  • Website Management Including new website development
  • Signage & Branding, Designing, Selection of vendors and Management.
  • Onsite Conference and exhibition Management – Vertex Team to manage
  • Cultural performance
  • On – site registration coordination
  • Manpower and hiring of volunteers
  • Accommodation, Tours and Travel Management
  • Facilitating selection of conference collaterals
  • Financial budgeting
  • Assistance in Ministry clearances
  • Closing of accounts

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