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Gallery- At the Hotel in Naldehra- November 2018 (Vertex Holiday)
At the Hotel in Naldehra- November 2018
Gallery- Returning from Naldehra- November 2018 (Vertex Holiday)
Returning from Naldehra- November 2018
School trip @ Goa- 2016 (Vertex Holiday)
School trip @ Goa- 2016
Corporate Training @ Neemrana- 2015 (Vertex Holiday)
Corporate Training @ Neemrana- 2015
Gallery- Cultural Trip @ Taj Mahal- 2016 (Vertex Holiday)
Cultural Trip @ Taj Mahal- 2016
Gallery- Camps at Dharamshala- 2015 (Vertex Holiday)
Camps at Dharamshala- 2015
Gallery- Corporate Group @ Lansdowne- 2017 (Vertex Holiday)
Corporate Group @ Lansdowne- 2017
Gallery- Corporate Group at Hotel Reception in Singapore (Vertex Holiday)
Corporate Group in Singapore- October 2018
Conference at Singapore (Vertex Holiday)
Gala Dinner (Conference @ Singapore- October 2018)
Gallery- School Trip, Jaisalmer- 2015 (Vertex Holiday)
School Trip, Jaisalmer- 2015
Gallery- Singapore Trip_Vertex Holiday Group_2018
Singapore Trip- October 2018
Gallery- Tiger Fall, Chakrata- 2017 (Vertex Holiday)
Tiger Fall, Chakrata- 2017
Gallery- Corporate Group @ Munnar 2016 (Vertex Holiday)
Corporate Group @ Munnar 2016
Gallery- School Trip @ Goa- 2016 (Vertex Holiday)
School Trip @ Goa- 2016
Gallery- School Trip @ Srirangapatnam- 2017 (vertex Holiday)
School Trip @ Srirangapatnam- 2017

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