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By taking students out of their comfort zone, by challenging them and allowing them to explore, work as a team and experience new cultures, we can enhance their education and understanding.

By enabling these young students– our next generation– to see and experience the world for themselves, we can help them become active global citizens. Our school group programs are designed to fully immerse and challenge young participants in contrasting environments.

Typically trips are one to two weeks in length and are varied, exciting and tailored to ensure that participants have a life-changing, memorable and positive volunteer experience. Groups can look forward to volunteering in unique locations around the world, whilst making a valuable contribution to community or conservation programs.

Please note that all our group volunteer programs can be tailor-made to meet the requirements.

For groups looking for more than a volunteer experience, we have developed a separate range of service learning group programs; service learning is the combination of classroom learning and theories, hands-on practical, in-field experience, and periods of reflective learning. Students will follow a curriculum, and the program includes pre and post-trip learning.

Every step you take in search of nature, you receive more than what you seek. Vertex strives to give you an experiential trip where you can explore the environment in different sections. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks give you an encounter with animals and jungle that you will remember throughout your life – the search of tigers, botanical gardens, trekking routines, species of birds, backwaters and much more. Curiosity that helps you exploring also helps you in learning.

Our packages have a variety of curriculum in which we cover encounters with wildlife. Dive into water to have a spectacular coral reef experience, mud bath and hot springs that helps you relax. We also arrange small talks to make you understand terrestrial ecosystem and aquatic ecosystem. Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.

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